noun A person 90 years old or between 90 and 100 years old.

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. —Simone Weil

Death is a mirror in which the entire meaning of life is reflected.

Into my arms, O Lord.

In Kath’s 90 years, she experienced great changes in the English countryside (as viewed by a farmer’s daughter and Young Farmer). Harvests of old were clearly remembered for the sheaves of hay, the original dairy with a thatched roof and the pig that came back from the YFA meeting.

In the medical arena, her nursing experience was mainly keeping the patient as comfortable as possible but, over the second half of her life, health services would turn to the importance of drugs and new medical procedures, with a consequent jump in life expectancies. In the same period, there was a tremendous change in the wishes for and ability to travel (where a young woman who was disinclined to go “up” to London for a day would later readily travel to the other side of the world for months at a time).

Mobility in Kath’s last three years of life was severely restricted due to circulation problems and bowel malignancies. She became devoted to David Attenborough’s documentaries and favourite TV programs such as “Pointless”. But for her pain, life was not that way and she kept her deep interests in family and crosswords to keep that mind sharp! The illnesses made for broken nights and sleepy afternoons.

Her death journey in a nursing home not far from the local post office was a long and often joyous one, with several family there to recall memories, join in a hymn and feed her ice confection.

We remember her hands as a deep symbol of a life of intense caring and empathy, and of continual activity in the service of others. Truly rest in peace.