The general idea

This site is a supplement to the full photographic website of Karen Lunney and Peter Best found here .

That photo website contains direct information on various aspects of our travel that led to the selected photographs.  This blog/site explores some aspects of the visited natural and human environments that we have discovered from the writings of or talks with others.  We also present links to some of the recent research on the changes now taking place, or foreshadowed for the future.

Many are related to the weather and climate processes – for various postings, we provide links and some additional commentary to the many good websites and visual aids for understanding these often confusing areas.  We have selected those well-based on scientific principles and catering for both climate variability and change.

Recent years have seen an increasing emphasis on the interactions of polar and tropical regions, either via the oceans, atmosphere or biology.  The world is much more interwoven that many had imagined and the future is likely to see this process continue.  These often-subtle links between remote parts of the world are also being recognised in other areas such as economics and trade.  We are fascinated by the many sorts of transitions and hope to convey some of this to newcomers to these areas.

Our emphasis on those phenomena and people that encompass both polar and tropical aspects will hopefully illustrate the intriguing inter-connectedness of the physical and biological world.   To understand these links, simplifications must be made and ongoing research will no doubt bring out the richer fabric of reality.